“Just start” and “You have to start somewhere”, these are the recurring thoughts that are borderline anxiety-inducing. It’s been years and the time is now. Picture this, the world is ending (or so you think), you lost your job that was serving as your excuse and now that burning desire to fulfill an undying passion is brighter than ever. As the nights go on, you can’t sleep. It’s consuming you. Finally, after you are no longer able to put it aside, you open the Safari browser and type …”how to start a swimwear line”.

It’s been a year and half since Eight Swimwear officially launched, and while many things have happened, we have a lot to celebrate. We went from not knowing where to source our fabrics, to presenting at Miami Swim Week just 3 months after launching. We’ve had many wins along the way, such as being showcased in three major publications: UK’s Vogue, Glamour and Vanity Fair. And who can forget, presenting and walking Paris Fashion Week? But we’ll leave that for another post. While we count our blessings, we know they didn’t come without their challenges.

So as we close out 2022, I can’t help but to reflect on what's next? How do we continue to reach and connect with our audience? How do we bring value to the swimwear market while staying true to the brand? What will be the next collection’s name? What’s the balance between trendy and timeless?

As you come to know us, you’ll realize everything has a purpose and it’s part of a bigger story. From our name, down to the color palettes chosen, and everything in-between.  While the output might be a swimwear design, there’s so much effort that goes into breathing life into each piece. One thing cannot live without the other. We want to root ourselves into the crazy world of fashion so deep, that we become a household name. Welcome to our Blog, The Eight Edit.