“They wanna know, who’s that girl, la, la, la …” Oh, wait, it's you! By the time you’re done with this volume, you’ll be trending. As a brand we are continuously studying fashion tendencies, it’s literally our job. And if we’re already doing the work, why not share? After all, no one likes a gatekeeper. 

 Here are Eight Swimwear’s trend observations: 

We’re starting to see the structured basics, garment draping, exaggerated silhouettes and hoodies in an elevated way. We see structured basics being reimagined with seam lines to create the illusions of curves, and using folded fabric to create depths.  Count on seeing more of the ruching effect to create the draping effect. Leather is here to stay, but a twist on the classic look by molding leather to create an armored draped look. Exaggerated silhouettes will also have their moment. Think Bridgerton meets 2023. 

See through - As temperatures rise, so will the use of netting, sheer and lace. Inside is out! Let’s dissect the differences: Netting is the modern, contemporary take on the traditional crochet. Lace tends to have a vintage undertone giving it a sexy, elegant and chic feel. Do keep in mind: not all laces are created equal. Sheer/mesh is the neutral option of the three, it's a way to be daring without putting it all out there. Much like our Valentina, mesh cover-up dress. If you’re looking for the perfect undergarments for these looks, we suggest the Jihan bikini in black. Point is, keep it feminine. 

As you can tell by now there’s a heavy focus on highlighting femininity. Traditionally, flowers are associated with softness. Flowers are being used as accessories or as a statement piece(s). In some instances you’ll notice they are used to draw attention to the bust area by making them the outfit. 

Not only will flowers be used as a form to draw attention, but so will cones, swirls and 3D digitally printed bodies. You thought it, we said it: Madonna in the 1990s or a 1950s bra with pointed cups. Less is more, but this trend might be challenging that statement. 

And if Shakira, Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Ray have taught us anything this early on in the year, it’s that 2023 is the year of the woman, divine femininity and intuition. 

There’s a concentration around 1920’s & late 1990’s fashion. We will continue to see fringe, dropped waist lines and feather trims. Brands are looking to the 90s runways for inspiration. Archived looks are making a comeback, it’s like a way to flaunt privilege without being a walking billboard. It’s been proven time and time again, history repeats itself. 

Colors to note: Cobalt / Electric blue is up on center stage. Like our Celine, bikini

BLACK will always be black and encouraged for monochromatic looks. As well as the Canadian tuxedo, denim for days.