This is the episode of how we turned our brand goals into reality. Picture this: about two months ago, our adventure began, but first, let me give you a little backstory to set the stage. Trust me, you'll need it to fully appreciate the booty-shaking excitement that unfolded.

A couple of years back, our team was brainstorming ways to take our social media presence to the next level. After a few ideas went around the table, we decided our goal was to reach Karol G.  We had grand plans, from styling her to “crashing” the stage to initiating a TikTok challenge. We even went as far as designing a custom swimsuit exclusively for her. Why Karol G, you ask? Well, she's a phenomenal Hispanic artist, a leader in the industry, and her music hits every single time. She embodies the essence of our brand, an epitome of the EIGHT GAL spirit.

Fast forward to 2023, on a sunny Wednesday afternoon in March. Lo and behold, a light bulb illuminates our collective minds. We discover that Karol G is hosting a three-day concert extravaganza in Puerto Rico. So, back to the table we went!   In the classiest way possible, we reached out to her team, and then we did it again and again. We were left on-read or thrown into the abyss of the junk folder. Undeterred, we devised one final trick up our sleeve, like pulling a rabbit out of a hat – we slid into her stylist's DMs. Holding our breath, we pressed send and waited anxiously. 

SHE RESPONDS! In a state of utter disbelief, we let out silent screams of victory. It's showtime, baby! With time ticking away, messages flew back and forth at lightning speed. And then her stylist uttered those magic words: "si quieres ahora le enseno" (if you want, I can show her now), followed by the inquiry, "tienes lookbook?" (do you have a lookbook?). Of course, we do! We hit that send button faster than you can say "hi!"

Next thing we know, she chooses 3 swimsuits, the pink one-piece, Lola and two bikinis that we won't reveal just yet. We're keeping our fingers crossed, hoping she'll wear them, so you can witness it yourself. Vital information is exchanged, marking the beginning of our extraordinary journey. But there was a “catch” – the swimsuits were situated abroad, and the shipping couriers couldn't deliver them in time. We found ourselves faced with a monumental task, with no option but to move mountains, quite literally, to make this goal a reality.

The story doesn't end here; it only gets better. For the rest of this awe-inspiring tale, stay tuned to our reels and TikTok, where you'll be treated to the dazzling conclusion later this week. Trust me, you won't want to miss out on the journey that will leave you grinning from ear to ear.